“Morro Bay Monster” – a poem

Perfect for post-Halloween feels.

I wrote this to get into the “creepy mood” for the actual novel I’m writing. I am not aware of any poems about Morro Bay, but the town is definitely worthy of having its own!


– McKenzie Barber

“Morro Bay Monster”

It happened on a midnight evening along the coast of Morro Bay,

The town was asleep but I felt bereaved, tossing and turning for sweet slumber I craved. It was half past one when my adventure had just begun, so I leapt up! and ran to the streets. With slippers in tow and an old linen robe, I was Byron’s ghost set to haunt the sea.

I sprinted past old bait shops, beyond Miss Meisner’s abode, and straight to my sailboat, Maureen. With a tug on her sails and coarse ropes in my hands, I led the groaning sea vessel towards lapping night waves.

After a moment, I looked down at the ocean to discover yellow, crystalline eyes. Both terrible and proud, i watched its razored mouth flash me a sinister smile. “it wants to kill me,” I thought, but instead it gazed back and decided to stay for a while.

The creature’s spindly claws latched onto my boat. I wanted to scream- to run away! But the eagerness in its eyes… it drew me in closer promising kinship among the sea spray. 

Its skin was shiny and rippled,

Just as dark as the midnight sky.

I asked the creature, “Who are you?”

It replied, “I am you, but on the inside.”


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